About the Voice of TalentTalks

Founded by Kelly Blokdijk, TalentTalks’ mission is to provide clients with unparalleled, distinctive talent management expertise in all areas of career management and HR & OD functionality, leading to individual and organization success. 

Those familiar with Kelly’s personality, demeanor and work-ethic describe her as a “breath of fresh AIR.” Primarily because Kelly’s core values include: Authenticity, Integrity and Results! 

Kelly’s professional background consists of more than a decade in the human resources field. She has built a well-rounded generalist portfolio of accomplishments in each of the following industries: retail/distribution, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, commercial real estate and Internet marketing. 

During her varied human resources and talent acquisition positions, Kelly was personally responsible for making hundreds of hiring decisions and candidate recommendations. Kelly leverages her vast screening and selection experience to provide a unique career management perspective to her clients. With a high level of personalized support, clients are able to refresh their professional image and invigorate their personal brand to target the most ideal career opportunities. 

An avid “learner,” Kelly vigorously pursues continuous education and professional development opportunities and is rarely satisfied with the status quo. Her efforts are always clearly focused on improvement and enhancement of existing processes and communication to guide individuals and organizations closer to achieving their vision.

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